Birth Your Body of Work

Bring into Form The Body of Work that is Only Yours to Share. 

For Masterful Women Who Are Ready to Channel their Unique Offering

are ready for your Next-Level Expression?

 You are ready for the most undiluted, potent expression of YOUR work yet.

And I am here to help you birth it into form.

Here’s what I see.

When you reach this point, there are several things happening: 

  1. WHAT YOU DO: Your current expression of your modalities/profession is limiting you from expressing your truest work.
  2. HOW YOU DO IT: the way you work with people and the lifestyle it gives you needs to change.

In the case of what you do, perhaps you could use a little clarity about your uniqueness and a giant permission slip to be all that you are.

In the case of how you do it, you are ready for a step into a new way of operating.

The  structure is what creates flow…both for you and your clients.  

Creating structure appropriate to you is one of my innate gifts; so is extracting your unique content. 

Combine the two and “voila!” we have this program: Birth your Body of Work.

This offering is an expression of my desire to help you birth a body of work that honours your human design, your nervous system, your material needs and your life’s work.

Please reach out if I can answer any questions that aren’t clarified below.


With love, Karen

I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know what my genius was to focus and empower my work as a naturopathic doctor. I was stuck in constant striving, constant working, constant effort, constant struggle, constant fatigue. I was so busy being busy that I didn’t even know what value I offered anyone.

Taking my ideas and structuring them into such a clear message was really important and valuable for me. Karen’s willingness to help me with the practicalities was also important.

I have far greater confidence in my work and how to deliver it.  I have discovered what I’d really love to do instead of doing what appears to be the right thing.

Leonie Blackwell

Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of the Essence Of Healing Institute. , Human Design Projector

Your Genius + My Genius

Working Together on Your Body of Work

The Process: Depending on where you are starting and what you need we will get together. 3 or 12 month commitment.  

We won’t be following a specific formula, but rather, excavating from within you the content  and the structure that is most aligned for YOU. 

Each Month Includes:

2 X 75-minute  Sessions which marry Transformational Coaching, Channeling,  Human Design and Practical Next Steps.
Voxer support for celebrations or things that can’t wait between sessions.

3 or 12 Month Commitment
$1111 USD/month


To work with me begins with a filling in an application to see if we are a fit for working together. Once I look through your application, I will answer any questions you have and send you a link to get started!