Harmonious Partnership Human Design Package for Couples

Let me Breathe Harmony and Empowerment into Your Partnership with Practical Relationship Strategies and Information that will Last a Lifetime.

Dear Conscious Couple,

I’m guessing that you’ve really met your match with this partner of yours.

And when there’s a strong match, there’s so much POTENTIAL… potential for heights of creativity, fun and collaboration AND potential for depths of friction, frustration and even, despair.

Romantic relationships are the best thing in the world when they’re working and the worst thing in the world when they’re not.

This is what I see when a couple approaches me to do a Composite Human Design reading  (one where I look at how your chart combines with your partner’s).

I see a sincere desire to honour their partner as a free and sovereign being.

I see them wanting to understand who their partner really is and how they work, so that they can keep their love alive. 

I see them wanting to enhance each other’s Genius, so that their love amplifies (not sabotages) each person’s creative self-expression.

Human Design has a special magic to offer Couples.

There are 2 powerful things that knowing your Human Design and the Design of your partner does for your partnership:

#1: Self-Empowerment

Knowing your Design teaches you how to make your daily decisions in alignment with your nature…so that you are fully self-empowered. You are using your time, energy and money EXACTLY WELL.

You are healthy, whole and amazing, in yourself. That makes for a strong foundation for your relationship.

#2: Other-Empowerment

Knowing your Partner’s Design allows you to understand the mechanics of what it means for them to be self-empowered and making choices that are healthy for them. When you understand this, it evokes impersonal respect for them.

This means that when they embark on a new path or evolve into new behaviour, you are able to support them because..

You don’t take things personally.

Let me introduce you to your Human Design, and your partner’s Design, so you two can become even more radically fun and creative playmates.

Following my Human Design has breathed understanding and harmony into my relationship (pictured above). And I can’t wait to share it with you.

Below I describe the ins and outs of what the reading package includes.  This is not a fluff-filled sales page. It’s a no-frills description of the process and what you can expect. It is an essential filter to see if we are suited to work together, so please read the entire page.

The Harmonious Human Design Reading Package is suitable for couples of all types. It is LGBTQ friendly.

My approach is focused on first, empowering YOU to each honour your own design as individuals and second, providing you with practical strategies, solutions to your challenges and an overall understanding of your partner.

Past couples have found this very informative, and clarifying about how to alter their day-to-day behaviour for greater ease and mutual honouring. What a relief!

With love, Karen

Before our combined reading with Karen we had never thought about if we were compatible to work together.  As we delved into the combination of our human design elements as a couple, the unique structure of our relationship became apparent and the strengths and qualities that we had worked with over the years were endorsed by Karen’s meticulous rendering.

It was really cool to see how we completed each other in our human design charts and how the strengths and weaknesses of each of us seemed to complement each other. It was empowering to know that going forward we were really both enabling each other to create and realize the vision that we had each held for so long.  Thank you Karen.

Greg Lee

Co-Founder of the Self-Healing Institute

Your Harmonious Partnership Human Design Package
Includes 4 Steps:

1) You Watch: 2 X Custom Videos about your Design.
2) We Meet (Optional): 2 X Personal Human Design Readings

3) I Prepare: 1+ hours of Prep time prior to Composite Reading.

4) We Meet Again: Composite Reading

Step 1: You Watch 2 Custom Videos

​​Prior to your individual readings, I will send you two videos outlining the most important aspects of each partner’s design.  Watch these together to gain a greater understanding of yourself and your partner. Watching these prior to your reading allows you to get the most of our 1-1 time.

Video 1: Type & Strategy: Discover yours and your partner’s Human Design Type and the Strategy that will allow you/them to meet life without resistance.

This is the key to experiencing ease, simplicity and freedom in your life.

Understanding your Partner’s Type is the key to empowering them day-to-day to honour themselves.

Video 2: Decision-Making Authority: Discover your Decision-Making Authority: where in your body you can go reliably to make decisions that are aligned with your true path. This gives you the permission to make decisions that are fully empowered and honouring of your truth.

Support your Partner in the decision-making process by helping them to honour their Decision-Making Authority.

Step 2 (Optional): Personal Human Design Reading for Each Partner

90 minute Reading Via Zoom for Each Partner. Includes Recording.

Prior to attending your Composite Chart reading, it is essential that you have an understanding of your own design, so that you can be true to yourself.

If you have already learned about your Human Design and/or done a personal reading with me, then this step is optional.  Note: many people who have done Human Design readings elsewhere have been very grateful to have done a reading with me. My gift is conveying this information in a simple and practical way!

If you haven’t yet learned about your Human Design, this step is your starting place. 

In your Personal Human Design Reading, we will take a deep look at each partner’s Human Design Chart so that you can be empowered as Yourself First! This is the secret to an empowering relationship…to stay centred in your truth.

You can attend this personal reading together, or enjoy some 1-1 time with me, it’s up to you!

Discover the 4 Navigational Gems in your chart and how they will simplify decisions from now on.

Intimate Video Reading via Zoom (approx. 90 minutes) includes customized powerpoint visuals of the elements of your chart.

Leave your reading with an in-depth understanding of…

  1. Your Type: Discover your’s Strategy type so that your work and life flows, you eliminate resistance, stop forcing things to happen and avoid burn-out.
  2. Your Decision-Making Strategy: Learn how to honour your body’s natural decision-making ability, so that you more easily discern what choices are right for you.
  3. Your Open Centres: Discover your areas of relationship vulnerability so that you are no longer swayed off-centre by your partner, your child or other influences around you.
  4. Your Unique Leadership Attributes: Understand your Strengths so that you draw on them in relationship. ​​

Value: $444 USD/reading

Step 3: I prepare

1+ hour

In preparation for your Composite reading, I sit down and study you and your partner’s composite chart, to consider strategies and ideas on how to increase harmony in your connection.

For this I use not only my Human Design knowledge, but also my intuition and my years of training and practice as a Relationship Harmony Coach.

Depending on the charts this step can take 1-2 hours. 

Step 4: Your Composite Reading

90 min Via Zoom Video Conferencing. Includes Recording.

We start your Harmonious Partnership Composite Reading reading, by showing you how your chart combines with your partner’s chart to create a composite chart.

This is the map of your charts combined together, and reveals both the strengths and potential challenges of your connection.

Leave this reading with an in-depth understanding of…

  1. Your Types: Discover how your types combine and how to interact harmoniously.
  2. Your Decision-Making Authorities: Learn how to support your partner’s natural decision-making ability and take their decisions less personally as a result.
  3. Your Open Centres: Discover how you each influence each other so that you can be more aware of dominance and power dynamics.
  4. Your Unique Strengths: See how you differ and over-lap so that you can build on each other’s natural strengths.

Using your Composite Chart, I provide a window into new empowering ways that you can approach your partnership.

Value: $444 USD (includes prep time)

The Investment

The Investment in the  Human Design Reading Package depends on the number of Readings included.

Choose the appropriate package below:

Full Package


1) Videos for each partner

2) 2 X 90-min Personal Readings

3) Preparation Time

4) Composite Reading

Total Value: $1332 usd

CoMposite Reading Only

Note: this is only for couples who have each done a personal reading.


1) Videos for each partner

2) Preparation Time

3) Composite Reading

Total Value: $444 usd

You’ve read all this and you still have questions?

Email me at Karen@liveyourgenius.com