12 months of workshops to architect a freeing business that you LOVE. 

For people who fear burn-out and who desire to create their business in a way that is sustainable and honours their unique physical capacity.

I love entrepreneurship. I deeply value freedom. I am gifted at creating processes. And just like that the Freedom Business Architecture is born!

Once a month, on the first Thursday I will walk you through a process to bring an elegant structure to one aspect of your business.

These will be processes to effortlessly guide you and inspire you to bring form to your business in a way that truly works for you.

I will be sharing from experience, what I find works in order to create an online business that I love and that allows me the freedom that I deeply desire to live. 


  • 12 Interactive Workshops. ~2.5 hours each
  • Lifelong connections you will want to maintain
  • Private FB group to explore the content and connect.

$3333 USD


1) Brand Clarity Workshop – November

  • Create a clear vision for your brand and context for your leadership.

2) Structure your Offering – December

  • Process to walk you start to finish through the creation of a new offering (what it includes, pricing, title, description, modules etc.)

3) Plan of Action  –  January

Plan as far ahead as you authentically can in order to create a great deal more leverage and freedom in your business offerings.


Lifestyle Business Model

Business by Your Human Design

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Create your Community

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Structure your Offering

Brand Clarity

Plan of Action