Empower your Child Human Design Reading Package

Do you want to Parent your Child in a Way that Honours their Uniqueness and Supports Them to Flourish as an Individual?

Let me Breathe Ease and Empowerment into Your Parenting with Practical Strategies and Information that will Last a Lifetime.

Dear Conscious Parent,

When you realize how much you were conditioned away from your nature as a child by your well-meaning parents, it motivates you to want to do better for your child.

This is what I see when a parent approaches me to do an Empower your Child Human Design reading  (one where I look at your child’s chart and also your ‘composite’ chart – how your chart combines with your child’s chart).

I see a sincere desire to honour their child as a free and sovereign being. I see them wanting to understand who their child really is and how they work, so that they can support them to flourish.

I see that they don’t ever want to inadvertently dampen their child’s true nature.

The Empower your Child Human Design Reading Package is an opportunity to better understand yourself and your child and how you can parent in the most harmonious and supportive way .

Below I describe the ins and outs of what the reading package includes.  This is not a fluff-filled sales page. It’s a no-frills description of the process and what you can expect. It is an essential filter to see if we are suited to work together, so please read the entire page.

The Empower Your Child Human Design Reading Package is suitable for children of all ages, including babies all the way up through teenagers and young adults. It is suitable for single parents, coupled parents and co-parenting parents. It is LGBTQ friendly.  It is suitable for parents who already know quite a lot about their design and those who are brand new to Human Design.

My approach is focused on first, empowering YOU to honour your own design as a parent and second, providing you with practical strategies, solutions to your parenting challenges and an overall understanding of your child and how they best operate.

Past parents have found this very informative, and clarifying about how to alter their day-to-day parenting for greater ease and mutual honouring. What a relief!

With love, Karen

The value I received from Karen’s Empower your Child Human Design Reading Package was immense.

Based on the information about my daughter as an individual AND the dynamic between us, it highlighted where I was already intuitively parenting my daughter [and reminded me to do *more* of that], and also showed me where my parenting was not quite allowing her to blossom [and reminded me to do *less* of that].

I feel like the bond between us has deepened, as she feels more understood whilst I feel like a more empowered parent who gets frustrated much less, now knowing what I know.

Sarah K Jones

Creatrix of the Healing Archetypes, Mentor to Practitioners, Coaches and Healers

Your Empower your Child Human Design Reading Includes 4 Steps:

1) You Watch: 2 X Custom Videos about your Design as a Parent and 2 Custom Videos about your Child’s Design.
2) We Meet (Optional): Human Design Reading for Parent(s)

3) I Prepare: 1+ hours of Prep time prior to Composite Reading.

4) We Meet Again: 2-hour Child + Composite Reading

Step 1: You Watch 2 Custom Videos

​​Prior to your Empower your Child reading, I will send you two videos outlining the two most important aspects of each parent and your child’s design.  Watching these prior to your reading allows you to get the most of our 1-1 time.

Video 1: Type & Strategy: Discover yours and your child’s Human Design Type and the Strategy that will allow you/them to meet life without resistance. This is the key to experiencing ease and empowerment as they develop and grow.

Video 2: Decision-Making Authority: Discover your and your child’s Decision-Making Authority: this is where in the body you can reliably make decisions that are aligned. This gives you insight into how to honour your and your child’s truth and how to teach them to make empowered choices.

Step 2 (Optional): Personal Human Design Reading for Parent(s)

2 hour Reading Via Zoom for Each Parent. Includes Recording.

Prior to attending your Empower your Child Composite Chart reading, it is essential that you have an understanding of your own design, so that you can be true to yourself and demonstrate empowerment to your child.

If you have already learned about your Human Design and/or done a personal reading with me, then this step is optional.  Note: many people who have done Human Design readings elsewhere have been very grateful to have done a second reading with me. My gift is conveying this information in a simple and practical way!

If you haven’t yet learned about your Human Design, this step is your starting place. 

In your Personal Human Design Reading, we will take a deep look at each parent’s Human Design Chart so that you can be empowered as Yourself First! This is the secret to being an empowering parent…to stay centred in your truth.

You can attend this personal reading together, or enjoy some 1-1 time with me, it’s up to you!

Discover the 4 Navigational Gems in your chart and how they will simplify decisions in your life (& business/work) from now on.

Intimate Video Reading via Zoom 2 hoursincludes customized powerpoint visuals of the elements of your chart.

Leave your reading with an in-depth understanding of…

  1. Your Type: Discover your’s Strategy type so that your work and life flows, you eliminate resistance, stop forcing things to happen and avoid burn-out.
  2. Your Decision-Making Strategy: Learn how to honour your body’s natural decision-making ability, so that you more easily discern what choices are right for you.
  3. Your Open Centres: Discover your areas of relationship vulnerability so that you are no longer swayed off-centre by your partner, your child or other influences around you.
  4. Your Unique Leadership Attributes: Understand your Strengths so that you draw on them in relationship. ​​

Value: $444 USD/reading

Step 3: I prepare

1+ hour

In preparation for your Empower your Child Composite reading, I sit down and study your child’s and your composite chart (for one or two parents), to consider strategies and ideas on how to empower you as a parent and them as a child. For this I use not only my Human Design knowledge, but also my intuition and my years of training and practice as a Relationship Harmony Coach.

Depending on the charts this step can take 1-2 hours. 

Step 4: Your Empower your Child Reading

2 hours Via Zoom Video Conferencing. Includes Recording.

We start your Empower your Child Human Design Composite reading, by exploring the ins and outs of your Child’s chart.

Leave your reading with an in-depth understanding of…

  1. Your Child’s Type: Discover how to honour their type so that you eliminate resistance and conflict.
  2. Your Child’s Decision-Making Strategy: Learn how to honour your child’s natural decision-making ability.
  3. Your Child’s Open Centres: Discover your child’s areas of relationship vulnerability so that you are aware of how they might be easily conditioned and influenced by others.
  4. Your Child’s Unique Strengths: Understand your child’s unique strengths so that you support them to flourish.

Next, I combine your child and your charts to reveal your Composite Chart. (If there are two parents, I will combine the child’s chart with each parent separately)

This is the map of your charts combined together, and reveals both the strengths and potential challenges of your child-parent connection.

Using your Composite Chart, I provide a window into new empowering ways that you can approach parenting.

Value: $444 USD (includes prep time)

The Investment

The Investment in the Empower your Child Human Design Reading Package depends on the number of Readings included.

Choose the appropriate package below:

Couples and co-Parents 


1) Videos for Parents and Child

2) 2 X 90-min Personal Readings

3) Preparation Time

4) 2-Hour Composite Reading

Total Value: $1332 usd

Save $221

Single Parent


1) Videos for Parent and Child

2) 90-min Personal Reading

3) Preparation Time

4) 2-Hour Composite Reading

Total Value: $888 usd 

Save $100

CHild CoMposite Reading Only

Note: this is only for Parents who have already done a personal reading.


1) Videos for Child

2) Preparation Time

3) 2-Hour Composite Reading

Total Value: $444 usd

You’ve read all this and you still have questions?

Email me at Karen@liveyourgenius.com