The principle interest of the Council of Light is in making you aware of
the Energetic Signature of your Essence and how you can actualize it.
Karen’s gift is to see how this translates into practical reality.

  • An ACTIVATION that can activate your direct connection to the higher, energetic realms.
  • An ENERGETIC TRANSMISSION of high-vibrational energies of the Council of Light to help you create in new and harmonious ways.
  • A CHANNELED MESSAGE to give you helpful information and insight into your current situation.
  • An INTEGRATION of self-reflection, healing (when needed) and tangible action. This is where I,  Karen, share my expertise to help you integrate the information fully into your practical reality.

Readings are by Zoom and include a recording.

$555 USD

what clients are saying

“The two channelling sessions I have done were absolutely magical and unbelievably profound. Whilst I am open to new experiences, I can be a skeptic. Every message I received from the Council of Light has resonated with every part of my being. Karen, thank you for opening me up to the Council of Light and activating my connection in such a powerful, yet gentle, way.” – SWATI M.

“After spending time with Karen and the Council of Light I was able to get more clear than I have ever been in my life on what my purpose and mission on this planet is.” – CLINTON WASYLISHEN quickwins.coach

“Karen’s transmittal of messages from the Council of Light provide me with a sense of clarity, peace and an overall affirmation that all is right with the world.” – RICHARD K. 

“The messages Karen channels from the Council of Light have helped me embrace some necessary truths in life and love, and begin to let go of long held beliefs created by negative conditioning.” – TARA C.

How it works:

1) You’ll start by giving me some context of what is going on in your life that you would like help expanding or resolving.

2) I will explain the process and get your explicit consent to bring in the Council of Light.

3) I will begin transmitting the energies from the Council of Light. They run the show and show me exactly how to work with you. 

4) From here, what usually happens is that they transmit a message about the energetic signature of your essence and whatever is blocking you from fully sharing that. 

Generally, the messages are simple, direct and actionable.
In most cases, you will be able to ask questions after the initial transmissions.