Let’s walk together and embody evolution¬†

12 months of Transformation Mastery With an Exceptional Group of Light Leaders

This is my most potent container to experience and learn how to facilitate the effortless process of transformation that I have been practicing for over a decade.

This container works on multiple levels as you will be both going through the process and transforming yourself, as well as learning to facilitate the process 1-1 and in groups at the same time.

This is my most intimate group container and you will receive first-hand access to my powerful process of transformation as I step into greater levels of awareness, love and leadership.

The power of this container is far beyond what is included below. I am a catalyst. We cannot know what co-creation will transpire as we spend a year together…but it’s going to be amazing.

If you are called to this container, it is my deep honour to be here with you.


  • Monthly Transformation Mastery Masterclasses (Second Thursday) to explore a new tool each month.
  • Monthly Mastermind Call (3rd Thursday)
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls (4th Thursday)
  • Optional Buddy with whom to exchange Transformation Sessions
  • Participation in the Freedom Business Architecture 12 month container ($3333)
  • Access to all programs throughout the year: Clear Channel, Discover your Genius, Alchemy of Consciousness ($4444)

$11K -$1444 =  $9556 (full Pay)
$833/month for 12 months