Let’s walk together and embody evolution 

12 months of Transformation Mastery With an Exceptional Group of Light Leaders

This is my most potent container to experience and learn how to facilitate the effortless process of transformation that I have been practicing for over a decade.

This container works on multiple levels as you will be both going through the process and transforming yourself, as well as learning to facilitate the process 1-1 and in groups at the same time.

This is my most intimate group container and you will receive first-hand access to my powerful process of transformation as I step into greater levels of awareness, love and leadership.

The power of this container is far beyond what is included below. I am a catalyst. We cannot know what co-creation will transpire as we spend a year together…but it’s going to be amazing.

If you are called to this container, it is my deep honour to be here with you.


  • Anatomy of a Transformation Session Masterclass 
  • Monthly Transformation Mastery Masterclasses (Second Thursday)
  • Monthly Self-Led Mastermind Calls (Third Thursday)
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls (4th Thursday)
  • Optional Buddy with whom to exchange Transformation Sessions
  • All programs I deliver through the year (Discover your Genius, Clear Channel, Alchemy of Consciousness and Freedom Business Architecture)