Heal & Create

Let’s work together to Bring into Form

What is Only Yours to Share. 

Hello beautiful,

You feel the call. To become. To embody. MORE.

You are sitting on top of a volcano of creativity and self-expression that wants to emerge.

The only one stopping you is you. Here’s why:

Healing and Creating are two sides of the same coin.
Your next-level of expression will require you to step into new, uncharted realms that challenge your current set-point of what’s possible, what’s safe.

And for that, you’ll need to heal as you expand. 

When you heal, the expression will come out naturally. 

Sometimes it’s heal, then create. Heal, Create. Sometimes it’s create, create, create. Sometimes it’s heal, heal, heal. 

These things have their own wisdom and timing. We go with the flow. We trust.

My genius is to work with and hold space for, this process. I have done it for myself in all ways. And I do it with a few, beloved clients in a committed container. If you are called, I look forward to meeting you.  


With love, Karen

I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know what my genius was to focus and empower my work as a naturopathic doctor. I was stuck in constant striving, constant working, constant effort, constant struggle, constant fatigue. I was so busy being busy that I didn’t even know what value I offered anyone.

Taking my ideas and structuring them into such a clear message was really important and valuable for me. Karen’s willingness to help me with the practicalities was also important.

I have far greater confidence in my work and how to deliver it.  I have discovered what I’d really love to do instead of doing what appears to be the right thing.

Leonie Blackwell

Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of the Essence Of Healing Institute. , Human Design Projector

Your Genius + My Genius

Working Together on Your Body of Work

The Process: 

This is a committed container where we both step into the process together for 3 or 12 months.
We meet for up to two sessions a month (2 X up to 90 minute sessions). And you receive voxer support between sessions when you need it.

I am gifted at helping you bring into form the unique body of work that is only yours to share. I am gifted at helping you heal childhood wounding that keeps you from full self-expression.
I am gifted at helping you to clarify the business structure that you will enjoy using to share your work.

And along the way, I have Human Design and the Council of Light in my back pocket.

3 or 12 Month Committed Container

$22K USD for 12 months
$6K USD for 3 months
(Monthly payments available)



To work with me begins with a filling in an application to see if we are a fit for working together. 
You will also book an appointment to have a brief chat, so that I can answer any questions you nee.