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Channeled Guidance for Turbulent Times 


About Me

Welcome, I channel messages to guide humanity at this time of the Grand Reorganization. I share these channeled messages in my Books, on YouTube and in Private Readings.
My mission is to help others connect directly to their source so that they choose creativity, love, harmony and well-being at this critical juncture.
I also work with Human Design to help you understand who you are and your purpose for being here.

We recommend the physical copy. It is a beautiful reference.

awaken to your true role in the global grand reorganization

Alchemy of Consciousness offers a delicate balance of comforting and confronting truths that bring grace to your process of awakening.  
It is an invitation into a simple practice to connect directly with consciousness, discover your role and dissolve the barriers that keep you from playing it.

This beautiful volume provides an inspiring manual for our next steps in evolution. It offers simple guidelines for waking up from the delusion of separation and aligning with our greater truth and purpose. We need the wisdom shared in Alchemy of Consciousness, which deserves a place alongside other channeled classics.
Tomar Levine,

“when you come out of denial and make a conscious choice that you are willing to play your part, your true role, in the grand reorganization, Now you can be used as an instrument of change.”

private readings


  • An ACTIVATION that can activate your direct connection to the higher, energetic realms
  • An ENERGETIC TRANSMISSION of high-vibrational energies of the Council of Light to help you create in new and harmonious ways.
  • A CHANNELED MESSAGE to provide guidance about the energetic signature of your essential self and how to actualize your purpose. (Note: this is not a psychic or predictive reading)
  • An INTEGRATION of self-reflection and healing. This is where I,  Karen, share my healing expertise and wisdom to help you integrate the information fully into your practical reality.

Readings are by Zoom and include a recording.


Begin by watching 2 videos about your Design, prior to our session.
Leave this session with an in-depth understanding of….

  • YOUR AURA TYPE: Honour your type so that you flow and eliminate resistance. 
  • YOUR DECISION-MAKING STRATEGY: Understand your body’s natural decision-making ability, so that you discern what is right for you.
  • YOUR DEFINED AND UNDEFINED CENTERS: Discover your areas of vulnerability so that you are no longer as swayed by conditioning.
  • YOUR UNIQUE LEADERSHIP ABILITIES: Emphasize and draw on your strengths to be who you really are.

Readings are by Zoom and include a recording.

For a full menu of Human Design Readings, including Composite Readings for Couples, Business Partners and Parents, 

what clients are saying

“The two channelling sessions I have done were absolutely magical and unbelievably profound. Whilst I am open to new experiences, I can be a skeptic. Every message I received from the Council of Light has resonated with every part of my being. Karen, thank you for opening me up to the Council of Light and activating my connection in such a powerful, yet gentle, way.” – SWATI M.

“After spending time with Karen and the Council of Light I was able to get more clear than I have ever been in my life on what my purpose and mission on this planet is.” – CLINTON WASYLISHEN

“Karen’s transmittal of messages from the Council of Light provide me with a sense of clarity, peace and an overall affirmation that all is right with the world.” – RICHARD K. 

“The messages Karen channels from the Council of Light have helped me embrace some necessary truths in life and love, and begin to let go of long held beliefs created by negative conditioning.” – TARA C.


The 8 Stages of the

Grand Reorganization

“Never before has there been a time so exciting and so developed on Earth. You are on the precipice of your greatness or your demise.

The result will be determined based on what actions you choose now.”

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